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We provide Consulting Services to the Telecommunications and IT Service Provider industries. 

Founded in 2020 in the middle of the global pandemic, we now work with some of the worlds largest brands to create and deliver innovative digital solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to thrive in challenging environments, and enable our clients to do the same. We have already delivered millions of £ of savings for our clients, and engage at strategic levels across the industry. 

We offer both bespoke and turnkey solutions to transform and automate businesses, deliver efficiencies, eliminate cost, and improve customer experience. 

Our turnkey solutions include:

  • An automated end to end platform and business process for Unified Communications businesses who need to shift from a PS approach, creating a low cost, future proof business model. 
  • Platforms and processes that enable us to monetise spare assets creating instant cashflow. 
  • A platform that provides structure to clients product catalogues, delivering visibility of profitability by product. 

Our bespoke expertise includes:

  • Running post merger integration programmes to integrate acquired businesses, transform legacy platforms and deliver efficiency savings.  
  • PMO, Project and Programme Management services, to augment existing teams, provide best practice and insights, or fully outsourced PMO capabilities. 
  • Bespoke Digital Transformation design and implementation. 
  • Digital Event Delivery, building processes for clients who need to deliver high availability mission critical event based services to challenging locations around the world. 

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Project Management as a Service

Our professional services include Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) as well as Technical Design as a Service (TDaaS). We follow industry standard methodologies but help refine it to suit your business’s specific requirements ensuring that it is a seamless interlock with your clients for every project that is delivered.  

Special Events Delivery

We have years of experience in delivery of services to mission critical live broadcast environments, where missing a deadline by even a few hours is unacceptable, and the effective SLA is 100% during the live event. Sphere Global can help you service the unique needs of this environment, and access new customer segments.

Digital Transformation

Transforming an organisation to be more agile and responsive to its clients’ needs requires the removal of manual and error-prone processes and the digitising of the customer journey with up-to-date information. Sphere Global can help guide you safely through such a  Digital Transformation journey. 

Synergy Realisation

Via our proven methodology helps firms realise the following synergies by identifying cost savings from economies of scale through shared expenses and structural constructs for common activities. Across personnel (widened pool of skills), products (wider portfolio and production savings), and financial (exploiting cash flow asynchronicities between the acquirer and acquiree). Through the application of our process, companies can meet their synergy targets as well as identify new veins of synergy. 

RFP & Contract Negotiation

Customers want to understand service delivery and project management capability during this phase, and starting this conversation early improves success rates. Having the early engagement of a professional services partner also enables the solution to be more accurately scoped, sets expectations correctly, and avoids pitfalls such as costly solution gaps during delivery. 


Customer Experience Improvements

We work with you to refocus how your teams engage with your customers. Including defining metrics and measurements to focus on NPS, defining improvement plans based on this feedback. We measure the Customer Effort involved with engaging with the delivery process, which drives further recommendations and improvements to business processes, ensuring customer effort is continuously reduced, and refining experience for customers. 

Unified Communications

Using our unique SaaS based process automation tool, we deliver an aggregated view of all users, extensions & devices on your legacy PBX. This includes feature parity analysis between legacy PBX and your target communications platform (Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex). Migration readiness analysis of users, extensions, devices, visual call flows, hunt/pick-up groups, call park etc. and device hardware inventory breakdown is included in this analysis.

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